Food Hive: A satisfying first try eating at a food park

It was my first time exploring further my sense of taste at a food park, and I can say my experience at The Food Hive – found along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City and open from 12 noon until midnight – was filled with so much pleasure.

The cozy interior of the two-floor The Food Hive, found along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City.

The Food Hive offers unique and exciting flavors for people who want to break the monotony of eating either fastfood or home-cooked food, or are willing to splurge just for their taste buds to be satisfied with something new. No wonder as all owners of the stalls inside The Food Hive are promising chefs and food trailblazers who either introduce a new kind of cuisine or offer exciting twists to dishes that we enjoy.


To be honest, I learned about The Food Hive after I watched on social media an episode of a travel show which featured a stall called La Carnita. The show pointed out that La Carnita is the only one that offers so-called grilled nachos. As they showed videos on how the grilled nachos is served, I started to drool!!! From then on I promised myself that I would try the nacho dish, which La Carnita calls Nachos ala Bomba.

As I made my first step on The Food Hive, I assumed that La Carnita is the selling point of the entire food park. We saw that almost every table had Nachos ala Bomba enjoyed by foodies. Who would not wonder why, when one can see that the nacho chips are drowned by the nacho sauce covered with melted cheese – I mean lots of cheese!!!

As I was about to take my order, I had to prepare my camera to shoot the video, as shown above. The cook holding the nacho sauce suddenly asked, “Okay na po ba, Sir?’ to which I replied, “Teka, ayusin ko lang camera ko.” She waited until I said that my camera was ready, somehow signaling that she was about to pour the sauce on the chips. I thought La Carnita’s staff are already aware at how camera-worthy this delectable dish is.


I have not heard or seen a restaurant anywhere even just in Metro Manila offering food from Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe.

(Fun fact: Remember Radostina Todorova, the “pambansang best friend” who urged Pia Wurtzbach to walk her way to the crown that was supposedly hers in 2015, and Violina Ancheva who recently gave her gown used during the pageant to a Filipina teenager for her prom? They both represented Bulgaria in the Miss Universe pageant.)

Yordanovi, owned by a Bulgarian chef, might just satisfy your cravings for smoke-grilled meat.


One must try one of its bestsellers called Kebapche, three three-inch pieces of smoke-grilled sausages that use both pork and beef meat, with potato salad as side-dish. It can be compared to our own longganisa, but the Kebapche is not as flavorful as our various kinds of longganisa which I think is perfect for its authentic smokey flavor. The savorily sour taste of the potato salad gives balance to the smokey flavor of the sausages.

I think I should try next the Vreteno, Bulgaria’s version of cordon bleu (in my opinion, as the dish is a buttered and deep-fried chicken fillet stuffed with dill pickles, ham and cheese.)

On my second visit to the Food Hive recently, I noticed that the Bulgarian chef and owner of Yordanovi approaches his customers. I would have loved to know more from him and his food stall.


Pasta lover? Try pasta dishes from Pappare Ristoranti, which are served with chopsticks and packed either on wooden bowls or handy pyramid boxes. My friend tried its Mee Gamberi Goreng, fried egg noodles topped with shrimps, mushrooms, crispy shallots, fishcake and nuts and smothered in spices. The serving is too large it can already feed three people! Also, the spice is just right to enjoy the dish.

On my second visit to The Food Hive, I also tried Pappare’s meatball colazione. I enjoyed this red pasta dish as the sauce is kind of surprisingly spicy which I like! I can also compare the meatballs to Longganisang Vigan, as its lightly-salty taste complements to the spiciness of the pasta dish.


Goatcha! This pun suggest that this food stall serves goat meat dishes. My other friend tried its goat pares, and I got surprised by how tender goat meat was. Offering health benefits as it reportedly contains acids that can ease inflammatory conditions, goat meat is surely a healthy alternative to other kinds of meat.

(Clockwise) Goatcha’s goat pares, La Carnita’s nachos ala bomba, Pappare’s mee gamberi goreng, and Yordanovi’s kebapche.

The Food Hive also offers other dishes – sizzling, chicken and wings, ribs, Japanese cuisine, potato dishes, desserts and drinks. They are for both you and me to discover.



1. It is highly recommended to take public transport going to The Food Hive as parking space for cars is very limited. There is a jeepney terminal bound for Tandang Sora/Visayas Avenue/City Hall (Quezon City) near the main office of the National Housing Authority (NHA) along Elliptical Road, which can take you to The Food Hive.

2. Bring at least P500 to enjoy a dish and a drink, or two dishes. And make sure to consume everything. Huwag magsayang!

3. Avoid electric fans or stay at the second floor if you want to enjoy your food hot for long. You might just give up if cheese on top of La Carnita’s nachos ala bomba hardens. Also, Pappare reminds to “consume your order ASAP!”

4. Dishes at The Food Hive are all camera-worthy. But make sure you put it down for the rest of your stay there and have quality time with your companions. After all, time is best spent with loved ones during meal time.


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