On Mocha Uson being a columnist of The Philippine Star

The entire piece of ‘Hotspot,’ Mocha Uson’s column on The Philippine Star on November 8th. Go on, read.

As Ricky Lo in his Entertainment column at The Philippine Star announced that the paper would welcome Mocha Girls lead Mocha Uson as its Opinion columnist, seems like all Hell broke loose. What is wrong?


Being a reporter for the said paper, I would like to think that we were not informed about this to come to us as a surprise. I am instead grateful that she was not hired as one of us, nor was offered a slot to be one.


If I may stress again, she is – from now on, every week – a columnist for our paper’s Opinion section, and I may have to support her argument, that “I also have the right to speak.”


Before the publication of her column, our boss’s daughter Regina vented her frustration on the move, saying that “THE STAR WAS FOUNDED WITH ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL’ UNDER ITS MASTHEAD. TO HAVE MOCHA USON PEDDLING LIES IN IT IS A DISGRACE TO MY LOLA’S MEMORY (sic).”


If I may stress again, she is – from now on, every week – a columnist for our paper’s Opinion section. As a cliche goes, everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, eh?


Well, in fact, I even envy how articulate she was in expressing her views in supporting President Duterte all the way. I would want to hear (read, in this case) more from her, which would fall under the concept called “propaganda.”


Sometimes, the problem with argument is that we are too confined with our ideas, that we could almost close our minds and perceive these ideas as our own versions of the truth, so we would no longer hear what others could say and cannot reach a common ground. (This is why I so despise argument.)


We may not always agree with Mocha, but we can always oppose her ideas by presenting the facts. Besides, each of us always carry the burden of bringing out what is factual and true.


Otherwise, even without knowing, we might be already promoting intellectual elitism, i. e. we claim to know everything while some of us, particularly the ka-DDS and the Dutertards, know less, if not nothing.


Anyway, the public can always leave to us, legitimate journalists, the job of confirming, validating and verifying all kinds of information they get. To give Mocha, or just any other Duterte ally, too much attention for being a ka-#DDS or Dutertard, a spreader of fake news, and one who encourages hate and creates division, kind of makes our duty as journalists worthless.


If I may stress again, kolumnista siya sa Opinion section okay? So, kalma lang guys.


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