One good guy.

Most of the time, we see only our country’s so many failures, most of which the government can address on a large scale. And we can utter words of profound frustration and throw below-the-belt criticisms upon them, even some officials do not deserve to be treated that way.

Credits to the Philippine Daily Inquirer for their banner photo.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo is one guy I’m referring to. Could not remember what occasion, where and when we met, but he kept on receiving calls. One of his friends, I think, said, “Nakakapangselos naman ‘to, hanggang dito trabaho pa rin?” He just replied, “Sus, para naman sa bayan ‘tong ginagawa ko eh.” (or words to that effect)

I was a bit impressed with him; after all, it was my first encounter with him. I knew at first this guy is doing his responsibility.

And he actually is. And my expectations were actually surpassed.

As far as I know, he, together with the Chief of the Philippine National Police, is still working on restoring the people’s trust to the country’s police, which is already tarnished with the prevalence of brutality and corruption of its officers, among other reforms. That’s a pretty tough job to do, eh.

Until the breaking news came early Saturday night: the aircraft lifting Sir Jesse on his way from Cebu to Naga City crashed at waters near Masbate. His aide de camp was rescued; however, he, along with the pilot and a student-pilot, has not not been found yet as of press time.

I was shocked upon hearing the news. I believe he is one of the most accomplished and trustworthy guys in the government, and that he can push for more reforms in one of the most crucial government agencies.

Overheard from someone: “He’s one sure awesome guy, we can’t afford losing him this soon.”

I join the bandwagon of prayers for his safety.


UPDATE: Transportation and Communication Secretary Mar Roxas confirmed this morning that the body of Sec. Robredo was found inside the plane wreckage 180 feet below sea level and 800 m from the shoreline at 0815AM today.  However, search and retrieval operations continue for the pilots.

As of press time, all types of media is filled with airwaves of profound sadness on his untimely demise. Yet he is also being almost extolled for his integrity and dedication to true public service.

When clouds of doubt overshadowed the government’s “Tuwid na Daan” advocacy (for instance, the Manila hostage crisis), he did not let himself succumb to criticism, but instead focus on his work for the better of the police where he heads.

He will always be remembered. He will always be recognized for the inspiration he left us.


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