Day 44: The wrap.

Here were the key points of each member of the Senate who sat as judges in the first impeachment trial in Philippine history to file its verdict.

Angara: Corona, Basa family squabble unfortunately dragged in impeachment proceedings; said instance should not be merited to trial anymore – Conviction

Arroyo: Impeachment trial ‘one step away toward violation of Constitution – Acquittal

Cayetano, Alan Peter: Technicalities must never be considered for public officials, or anyone else, on trial – Conviction

Cayetano, Pia: Every aspect of assets must be declared – Conviction

Defensor-Santiago: Nondisclosure of certain assets in SALN belong to neither grounds of impeachment – Acquittal

Drilon:Respondent’s interpretation of RA 6426 ‘distorted’ – Conviction

Escudero: “Magbukasan na tayo ng lahat ng bank accounts natin nang magkaalaman’ – Conviction

Estrada: Respondent must understand and interpret laws without any concealment – Conviction

Guingona: Respondent used Constitution ‘perversely in its ultimate form’ – Conviction

Honasan: Respondent must step down immediately – Conviction

Lacson: Non-understanding of accounting by respondent ‘doubtful’ despite teaching career in taxation and accounting law – Conviction

Lapid: Prosecutor Rep. Fariñas’ PPT enough for me to decide; vote based on conscience – Conviction

Legarda: SALN ‘window for people to judge officials who undeservedly enriched themselves while in office’ – Conviction

Marcos: Nondisclosure of P and $ deposits not ‘act of dishonesty’ nor an impeachable offense – Acquittal

Osmeña: Impeachment court learned that justice must be served equally to all – Conviction

Pangilinan: Respondent showed disturbing pattern of dishonesty through SALN – Conviction

Pimentel: Respondent gravely misinterpreted RA 6426 in relation to RA 6713 – Conviction

Recto: Length not strength; how evidences were produced in court left bad taste in the mouth – Conviction

Revilla: Respondent must be epitome of all public officials with highest ethical standards – Conviction

Sotto: Same measures must be applied to respondent in relation to lower court judges who were dismissed and deprived of all benefits due to ‘simple infractions’ – Conviction

Trillanes: Transparency and accountability in governance take precedence over legal technicalities – Conviction

Villar: Respondent victim of error in judgment by media, and so am I – Conviction

Enrile: He obviously committed culpable violation of Constitution, though he never answered accusations of amassing enormous wealth in witness stand – Conviction


It was 20-3-0, in favor of conviction of the respondent, Chief Justice Renato Corona, with penalty of removal from office.

The decision was final and executory, though definite measures regarding the said penalty were not defined yet.

Chief Justice Corona has only 10 to 15 days to stay as Chief Justice. Associate Justice Antonio Carpio might take over as OIC.

President Aquino is expected to select the new Chief Justice upon the issuance of the written decision of the Impeachment Court, which is expected today and along with the Senate, House of Representatives, Judicial and Bar Council and other concerned offices, within 90 days.


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