My resolution for 2012: Realize my worth for others.

It was not until this time that I really had to think about this.

Countless encounters with people, either prominent and proud or unknown and humble, of diverse personalities, and of different social strata, gender and other stuff have been made. Their life stories have been heard. Their opinions about life have been unraveled.

Some of the have accomplished more than me. They went to places I could just imagine going to. Had been into things I wished I was also doing. Did worthwhile stuff for others more than me, since I am just enjoying the stressful yet fun roller-coaster ride of college life until this very moment.

And I asked myself: “What the Hell is my purpose here?”

As I thought of this, my mind was flooded with so many questions and even created a deluge of grave pessimism. Why do I let such amazing chances and opportunities pass? Why don’t I make ways to, while surviving college, contribute something for others? Do I even think I are still a person of worth?

So many nights have I reflected (not to mention, lamented) on these questions. And they just tear me apart so easily like onion-skin paper.

Also, my intimidation with these people and my own insecurities added the burden. All these just hurt me so much.

I have not found the answers to these questions. But somehow, I shall find them as I continue my journey toward life, meet and interact with more people, do my share trying to make life better, and finally and more importantly, discover myself, and my worth and purpose.


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