Love is lovelier the second time around. And so is evil.

No one was to blame when one really had to go home after a weirdly hard day. It just so happened that I rode a jam-packed bus and I was near the dashboard, huddling with other riders. I held my coin purse and a pack of Piattos on my right hand, and my cell phone on my left. I put my CP on the left pocket, which was then sending a group message to my friends on what to do in a certain course subject. When someone on the front seat got off the bus, I placed my bag there and sat down. Until I couldn’t feel my CP anymore.

I felt like shouting “P***** i**! Not again!” deep inside. Indeed, it happened.

All the other passengers noticed me frantically searching for my CP. They just didn’t mind (I suppose they even thought I’m going nuts). Until I asked my seatmate to lend me her CP for me to call my number. And someone willfully gave me her CP. I was able to call it for some time, until he just rejected my calls. I told myself, “Punyeta. Wala na. Wala na talaga.

My seatmate insisted that I wouldn’t be able to retrieve my phone back and trace and follow whoever stole my phone, so I just had to get over it. The the girl who lent me her phone offered that I call my Mom using it again. So I called Mom to tell her what happened. When I was done with the call, she was about to get off the bus, and I followed her just to thank her for the effort so simple yet very much appreciated.

One point. Why do some have to take shortcuts for them to get something and be happy? Don’t they ever think even for a quick moment how hard it is to live now, especially in a world moving so swift, and so he has to exert all his efforts for him to survive? Why do some even think you’re going nuts when they already know something is wrong? And why is it that only one dared to extend her hand and offered her help? (To her who lent me her phone, my sincerest gratitude.)

Another point. Who is to blame here? I not being mindful of my peripherals? Or my numbness? Or the wrong habit of others who just take advantage?

These questions, I think, are better left unanswered until I haven’t unraveled and realized how challenging, if not cruel, life is.


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