A series of (un)fortunate events.

1. Two veteran (I repeat, VETERAN) professors dumped our class with a mountain of requirements for next week, and even for the rest of the sem, with just a little briefing. And inside us we wailed, “SIR/S, TURO-TURO DIN!!!


2. One of these veteran profs consumed his time talking, talking and, guess what, talking about everything in the sun (and we listened so attentively; oh well, if that was obvious to him), from that ikspiji-i-mi , to that itiks, to that malisya. Yes, we just have to listen to him twice every week, record, and we are about to make his very own liksikon. (I might even post it here as soon as we finish it.)


3. a) I came late to a class, and I knocked the door loud enough for me to be noticed by another prof. As he discussed his house rules, he mentioned that it is okay for his students to be late, even 15 minutes before the class is dismissed, just that s/he won’t dare interrupt the ongoing class. Then the class and that prof just laughed at me. Okay. What a shame.

b) The same prof shared that though PUP is deprived of everything (reference materials, facilities and the like), we still can prove we are greater than any one else. What a moral booster, Sir. :)


4. Another prof told us an experience:

“That moment…
…when you ride a jeep, tapos nauntog ang ulo mo sa ilaw sa kisame n’un. Tapos pag-upo mo, power deadma ka lang. Then suddenly, simpleng hawi tapos kamot sa ulo. Tapos sabay sabi mo sa sarili, ‘Putang ina! Ang sakit n’un!’ Tapos pasimpleng pinagtatawanan ka na pala ng ibang pasahero kahit ang lalayo ng tingin. Tapos iisipin mong mangyayari rin sa ibang sasakay ‘yung nangyari sa ‘yo. Pero hindi nangyari, kaya pagbaba mo sa jeep, power frustration ang drama mo ‘Putang ina! Bakit ako lang?!‘”

Now that’s intrapersonal communication in a street setting. :)

* Rock on, Prof. JL.


5. We were hanging out when a friend saw an old lady prof approaching our college entrance and intuited she would be our prof in another subject. So, we rushed upstairs. Upon reaching the second floor, she went to the rooms of CommRes. “Yeeeees! Hindi siya” “Gagi, hahanapin pa niya room natin!” “Weh?! Huwag naman!” A few minutes later, she came in to our classroom. Gloomy mood. And she talked. OHW-EM-GEE. Heavy eyes. Chitchat here and there. Oh, seemed like sumanib si Boy Pick-Up sa utak ko:

*insert subject here* ka buuuh?


Ang boring mo eh.


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