After-sem evaluation.

After a semester full of pressure, pressure, and more pressure than I never expected…

I asked myself, “Am I still worthy of pursuing this path I’m taking now?”

We had more load than ever (maybe next sem, there can be even more). Our personalities were tested in several instances. Time came that either they would only rely on me every time we make decisions, or we make our ideas clash and clash until we argue and we nothing would happen. Some people who (I thought) had reached the prime of their lives would only bring us down and make us feel we are incompetent and unworthy of their impressions. With all these, I felt like all hopelessness had been thrown onto me.

However, I know and believe there are some people, things and thoughts who will eventually make me feel I can go through it no matter how tough it gets. This assures that I still have my optimism to hold on to.

Ergo, maybe it is by chance that I have to go through all the BVs and be immune with them, and just believe in myself, in what I can do and in the trust of others and eventually generate more GVs.

Thus, I believe I am still worthy of pursuing this rugged path and chasing my most coveted dream. :)


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