Lamentations to someone I idolize and curse.

You came from the same breeding ground as we do. You had achieved so much. You had all the knowledge. We so look up to you.  But I would just find out you would be our greatest frustration for us to reach our aspirations.

Instead of encouraging us to do better, you even brought us down. Every time you checked our works, you spoke straightforward and constructive criticism (sarcasm, I mean).

When we needed you most, we kept on hoping that you would respond. But every time you would give us updates, we just receive more reprimands more than the former.

The pressure we experience in your subject is like receiving several jabs and upper cuts from you that would eventually make us give up.

Yes, you taught us some things we didn’t know then. But I think that was not teaching; I found that flaunting.

(I’d rather hide this post in my FB homepage. Baka sabihan pa akong “Nagmamagaling ka yata, Boss.”)


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