A blog post honoring the noblest people on Earth. :)

I am not used to celebrate Teachers’ Day every October 5th. During my high school days, we celebrated it alongside Valentine’s Day every year. I thought it was part of the school’s saving measures. Two important events in one lavish spending. :)

Well, I don’t think there should be a date when we shall honor our noble teachers. Think of how long they molded our minds, shaped our values and helped us define our future. Think of how many generations whom they did all these. Think of how old they get reprimanding our wrongdoings and addressing several advice just for our good. There is not even a date set for them.

No matter how we hate them for reasons I shall not post here, let us always remember that they never ever get tired to teach us everything that is right.

Merely updating our teachers on you life and your achievements would be a great way of giving back everything they did for us. Not only will they know how far we have reached, but they will also realize that they did something worthwhile and fulfilling. This habit I try to accomplish once in a while. :)

To all the teachers I had, my everyday salutations and high regards!

PS: To the greatest teacher I had, Ms. Dolores A. Buenviaje, and to Mrs. Teresita Santos, Happy Teachers’ day. I know you’re receiving great rewards from Up Above. :”)


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