Just in time. Never again.

Two years ago, we never expected that an ordinary, fun-filled Saturday morning would change our lives forever.

Mama was preparing our lunch. Kuya and a cousin was about to set up the PS2 for them to play NBA 2k10. I couldn’t remember what I did then, but sure thing I fretted a lot for the rainfall was too strong.

Until the flood water rushed into the gate and into the garage, when we thought it would not reach even the sidewalk. It rose up so quick that it eventually flowed into the inside of the house. We worried about our stuff, so we put them in higher places without much effort (that I would call adrenalin rush). When the floodwater reached our shoulders, we decided to evacuate to our neighbor since it is up-and-down and ours a bungalow-type.

We stayed there overnight. They cracked jokes about the rising floods and some people swimming in the muddy water. I repeatedly prayed the Rosary. Every time choppers flew into our area, we would wave hankies just to call our attention.

The following day, we saw how massive the mud left by the floods were. We removed it and cleaned Lola’s house for about 3 days or a week. Confrontations were even brought up during the cleanup.

Since then, I always fuss a lot every time the rains hit hard. It’s already trauma, I think.

That was the most trying and difficult time of our lives so far. Yet, we still thank God we survived this tragedy. And that I am still able to share this experience.

And just in time for the second anniversary of Ondoy’s onslaught, another typhoon threatens us.

I won’t want all these to occur again. What happened two years ago is enough. Never again.


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