The __________ that was 9/11.

I was a 3rd Grade pupil when 9/11 happened. Yet every shot captured during that darkest day in History was still fresh, so shocking and terrifying like what happened exactly ten years ago.

The second plane smashing on the South(?) Tower of the AAWorld Trade Center, Ney York City. 2001.09.11.

The amazement that was 9/11. For the first time, I saw two planes heading to and hitting the tallest buildings in the world then. I thought that was too cool  to be true compared to an action movie, as I saw on TV that giant ball of flame burst when another plane hit another building of the World Trade Center. And it was a visual delight when the buildings suddenly collapsed. The thick dust leaving the traces of once the ‘Twin Towers’ as they crumbled down and covering most of New York City. The towering rubble left after the collapse. I must admit, but these sights amazed me so much.

The horror and gloom that was 9/11. When the events replayed, I saw how horrible (yes, in every sense of the word) that event was. Desperate people with less chances of survival jumped off the burning towers; most coming from the 100th floor or even higher. People on the ground shouting OH MY GOD!!! as smoke billowed from the towers and suddenly collapsed, and eventually running for their lives, making sure not to be pinned down by falling huge debris or covered by the thick and toxic dust (composed of burnt metal, cement and asbestos). Millions of Americans weeping for the great loss the terrorist attacks caused. I was so shocked and horrified to see those sights. I even prayed and cried for the victims during my first confession.

The solidarity that was 9/11. The videos showed simple acts of heroism that made a remarkable and lasting impact to the world. People of all social classes, of all professions, of all walks of life, rescuing the survivors and helping each other as much and soon as they could. Praying and weeping for the families of the victims. United in one voice: To prevent all kinds of violence and terrorism to occur in the future. Several nations, spearheaded by the United States, waged war against terrorism and pledged to bring back peace even in the harshest of acts, and everyone has been too driven to wipe those terror perpetrators out.

Not only did 9/11 show us real action like what we had seen in movies – complete with exploding sounds and pyrotechnics and other special effects happened in real time – and remind us of the worst man can do to impose threat, but it also showed us what we can do to effect lasting reforms and change in how we should see the world: where all aspects it has now –  people, ideas, technology, etc. –  harmonize with each other. Of course, that should start with our simple concern for others, and our modest and continued efforts to seek for and propagate the truth – the only tool to assure the safety and security of all.

I remember the amazement, the horror, the gloom, and the solidarity that was 9/11. Never mind the rest, But I hope you still do with the last.


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